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Bikini Shopping Struggles!

Sounds easy right? But if you’re bikini head as we are then you would know the struggle of finding the right bikini, especially when shopping online.

The first and most important thing is to determine how you like to wear your bikinis and to know your body type. Knowing your body type helps you make informed decisions about the styles and cuts that best suits you. Knowing how you like your bikinis helps reinforce confidence in a style that you choose for e.g. If you're the "wedgie queen" and love to wear your bikinis high on your waist. You would not go for a bikini that is low waist as cute as it may look, knowing that you're going to spend 95% of the time pulling it up over your hips when wearing it.

So you’re online browsing through cute bikini collections, looking at swimwear patterns, styles, cuts etc, then you found the one that fits your style and cut. It comes in 3 sizes S,M,L  no separates allowed. You  then look at the size chart, based on it you realize that you're medium. Happy with your selection, you add the bikini(s) to cart, checkout and order. Ecstatic that you have ordered your cute bikini set, you wait eagerly for its arrival. Its arrives in the post and you're super excited to try it on, then suddenly the bottom fits perfectly but the bra is too big. It feels like a stab in the back or a sharp pain in the chest.

We know the feeling!

It would appear that some swimwear companies have developed a ‘one size fits all’ policy, which is unfair since we all have different body types, structure and shape. It’s like they expect someone with a large cup size and a small waist should fit into a medium bikini or that if I got a big bum and a small cup size that a large bikini could work. That shouldn’t be the case!

Can you imagine buying the ‘perfect’ bikini set to slay on your next vacation only to find out that you can only wear the top? Annoying right? What’s even more annoying are bikini separates costing $60.00 and up, not including shipping.

We understand your struggle completely. At Xidorn we are committed to ensuring that you find the right bikini fit for you. We have mixed sizes available on all our cute bikinis so that your body type and shape is properly accommodated. 

However a caution is advised, not all bikinis are made the same. Pattern, fabric and cuts varies across the board and a small fit in one bikini might not necessarily fit in another. It is important that you get it right.

Here are some tips for when to mix and when not to.

  • If the fabric has good elasticity or the top wrap/tank style we advise that you do not mix.
  • If the bikini has minimal stretch or the top is a  bralette we advise that you mix.

We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ policy. We believe that you should feel confident when you step out on your adventures in your Xidorn bikinis. We believe in individuality and that the swimwear you buy should be a reflection of that. If you’re looking to buy affordable but quality swimwear online with the right fit for your body, then we’re the perfect bikini shop for you.

Let us know what your bikini struggles are below.

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  • avatar
    Kelsie Mckenzie

    on April 18, 2018 06:24

    This is so true, I luv this blog!

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