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Have you found the right bikini for your body type?

Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits (top and bottom) that come in several different designs and styles and offers different amount of coverage. Bikini swimsuits may have frills or fringes or other kind of embellishments

Bikinis have been in existence for as long as fashion itself – and just like fashion, bikinis are ever-changing and it evolves with the trend in fashion to produce several stunning designs.

Bikini variants

Over time, women’s bikini fashion has seen several variations and changes in style. Each bikini variant has its own unique design and features that are quite different from others. Some of the most common women’s variants include:

Triangle Top Bikinis

These tops have two triangles and a string of fabric that goes around the neck and back. They are easily adjustable and versatile, a popular way to twist up this variant is by wearing it as a bralette bikini.

Bandeaus Top Bikinis

A bandeau top is just a strip of clothing that covers the bust. They have no straps and offers less support. Suitable for small chested women and ideal for tanning since they leave no strap marks.

Bralette Top Bikinis

These tops are quite similar to a regular bra. They offer more support with the underwire and provide cup coverage. Suitable for women with large bust and women who want more coverage.

Tank Top Bikinis

These tops are like tank top and may or may not have an adjustable strap or clip at the bank. They give a very simplistic look and sporty look.

Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

These bottoms are provide a decent amount of coverage however they highlight the shape of your bum cheeks and give a little tease.

Thong Bikini Bottoms

For the daring bikini babes, these bottoms provide the least amount of coverage and bare it all out there.

Modest Bikini Bottoms

These bikini bottoms provide complete coverage and best suited for more conservative babes.

Choosing the right bikini variant for your body type

Getting a swimsuit to wear to a pool party or to the beach doesn’t seem to be a difficult task. However, selecting the right swimsuit for your body type can be very challenging. Just as swimsuits have different variants, so does our body. We all have different body shapes and sizes. Also, there are several types of women’s bikini to choose from.

The first step you have to take towards selecting the right swimsuit is to identify your body type. Most women are often confused when trying to select the best bikini, simply because they are not conscious of the body type they have. Selecting the right bikini becomes easier once you identify your body type. Here are the most common body types:


Image credit: Body Shapes

Pear Shapes

A lower body that is curvier and wider than your upper body. Having a pear shape body means your hips are likely wider than your shoulders so you should select a swimsuit variant that draws more attention to your petite upper body.


Go for halter tops that draws attention to your bust

Bikini swimsuits works well for pear shape; try bikini tops with fringes

Buy bikini with striped tops, they add more volume to your bust area

Don’t be afraid to wear a one-piece suit; try out ones with side cuts

Avoid bikini swimsuits with frilled bottoms

Don’t wear women’s bikini with skimpy tops

Apple Shapes

If you have an apple shape body type, it means you have a bigger upper body. You have fuller breasts, slim waist and legs and probably some extra tummy weight. Your choice of swimsuit should take some attention away from your upper body and tummy and place more emphasis on your lower body.


Go for bikini tops that have thick straps and can provide more support for your bust

One-piece suits works well for this body type. Choose one with built-in tummy trimmer and bust support features

Buy bikini with solid colors

Halter tops are not suitable as they make your shoulder appear wider

Avoid bandeaus as they cannot provide enough support for your bust

Avoid women’s bikini shorts with frills or fringes

Rectangle Shapes

Having a rectangle shape means your upper and lower body are pretty much straight. This means that while you probably have a flat tommy, you have little curves that are not very obvious. Your choice of swimsuit should add more volume to your upper and lower body.


Try bikinis with bright prints and colors. This will highlight the clothing instead of your body

Go for halter tops and triangle; they work well for this body shape

Choose tops and bottoms with frills or other additions

Go for one-piece suits if you do not have a long torso

Go for women’s bikini shorts instead of boy short

Avoid bandeaus with embellishments

Hourglass shapes

A narrow waist, curvy and proportionate top and bottom – this body type is certainly every woman’s dream. Having an hourglass shape means you have a balanced figure and your choice of bikini should provide appropriate support and coverage.


Choose halter tops; they will flaunt your curvaceous bust while providing enough support

Wear bikini sets to have the same style top and bottom

Go for underwired tops as they provide the needed support

Don’t go for suits that won’t flatter your amazing curves

Avoid boy shorts. Wear women’s bikini shorts instead


Choosing the right bikini can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you are not sure people will be impressed by your body. You need not worry anymore. The fact still remains that we have different body types and shape, so the best way to flaunt your sexy body and impress others is to work with what you’ve got. Don’t waste time wishing had another type of body shape or deprive yourself of all the fun by hiding behind a towel. Buy bikini that flatters your body type and makes you feel comfortable and confident. You have a beautiful body, flaunt it.





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