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How to become a successful Brand Influencer?

We get asked everyday by at least 10 people who, want to collaborate, model our swimwear, be an ambassador etc. As a new swimwear brand, at first we gave out tons of our products to  people who asked, to people who seemed to fit in our niche, however out of all the people we gave our products only a few ever delivered.

In this blog post we aim to outline some steps you can take to become an effective swimwear brand ambassador/influencer for not only brands like Xidorn Swim but for others. Here are a few steps that you can take to become a successful brand influencer:

  1. Find your Niche

To become a successful social media influencer, the first thing you need to do is to choose a niche that suits your personality and that you really care about. You must have enough knowledge and the right amount of interest and passion about a particular niche before choosing it.

The content you publish to your followers must reflect your passion and interest. For example, don’t choose a niche about fitness just because other people are successful there, when what you are really passionate about is swimsuits or bikinis. Find what you love and put your heart, soul and passion into it.


  1. Develop a strategy for your contents

The type of content you publish to your audience can be a very powerful factor that can help or hinder your progress as a brand influencer.

An important thing to remember as a brand influencer is that people trust you because they can relate with you. Choose a content strategy that provides your audience with the right proportion of valuable information about the brand and personal contents about you.

Also, choose a strategy that effectively distributes your contents to your audiences. One of the effective ways of distributing your contents is by personalizing your posts. As brand influencer for bikinis, you have to tailor each of your posts to suit the needs of your audience; this makes them feel important.

Another way of distributing your contents is by optimizing your posts for mobile. Studies have shown that the average person spends more than three hours on his mobile device and about 80% of this time is spent on social media. Ensure your posts are mobile-friendly so that your followers can enjoy the same quality as they would on their laptops.  

  1. Interact with your audience

Being a good brand influencer is all about earning the trust of your followers and maintaining a good relationship with them. Always ensure you reply your followers whenever they leave a comment or a question. This will make them feel important and help you gain their trust.

However, not all questions or comments that your followers make will be a positive one. As a brand influencer, you should always expect negative comments and criticism. Ensure you keep your response positive and professional. You cannot afford to lose your cool.   

  1. Maintain a healthy relationship with your employer

Communication is Key!

Just like regular employees in a company, you are obliged to keep a professional and good ethical relationship with the brand you are representing. Also, you should know the brand you are working with. You must know what the brand wants and aims to achieve. This will help you to effectively strategize your work and you’ll be able to give the brand exactly what it needs.   

Every brand has its own objectives that is designed to improve their business and sales. If you can help brands achieve their objectives they will be more willing to pay you as well as provide you with their products for free. These objectives are different for each brand. You must identify the objectives of the brand you are representing and work towards achieving these objectives. In order to become successful as a brand influencer, your work must help the brand achieve its goals. 

  1. Keep your followers real

A costly mistake made by several people on social media is buying followers. This is a rookie mistake that you cannot afford to make as a brand influencer. In order to get results and become successful as a brand influencer, your need active followers that can become consumers.

Buying followers means your number of followers will increase, however, there would be no significant increase in the rate of engagement by your followers. This will surely affect your engagement rate and can significantly hinder your collaboration with the brand you are representing or other brands.   


Becoming a good brand influencer is not an impossible thing to do, however, it is not something that can be achieved overnight. It is a process that takes time, so it requires some patience, consistency and a good relationship with your followers. Also, maintaining a good relationship and work ethics with brands will surely go a long way to help you become a successful brand influencer.  


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